Question On my 550 where could I hide the battery if I plan on trading the air...


Question. On my 550 where could I hide the battery if I plan on trading the air intake for filters, and adding a cafe seat, later down the road I am going to rebuild the bike in the way I have envisioned in my head but that involves the battery being in a different location. Where are all these rebuilds hiding the battery???

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  • I'm in the same place myself, so also interested.

    A lot put it all in the tail hump, others up under the seat.

  • Man I'm lost. I won't have a back fender, nor almost anything other then blinkers behind the seat and the seat is a small cafe seat with almost no underneath room. I was wondering if somehow I could hide it up front anywhere.

  • I think you can also get a flat type battery that'll mount up close to the underside of the seat.

    Not sure where you could put it up front. If you had a small fairing maybe an option?

  • Just did a lot of looking around and the only real option I found was welding together a box under the seat with a a curve that follows the tire with a flat edge on the engine side where you would get access to the battery by removing the seat and if you paint the box the base color of the bike it dissent look too bad at all. Either that or I'm going to get a seat with a hump and make my life easy.

  • Box could work. Maybe also double as a catch can for the engine breather?

  • Could work pretty well if you make sure it's measured right. if you plan on keeping it around. I plan on just getting rid of it and replacing it with filters and doing whatever I need to do to the jets to compensate for the air intake rate

  • That is exactly how it's done

  • Mark. Would you know what # jets I would need if I switch to 4 air filters, with a bike that has 2 to 1 exhaust? And anything else I wound need to do to complete the change?

  • Under swing arm.