Question this is my exhaust cam It has a seal pressed next to where the chain...


Question: this is my exhaust cam. It has a seal pressed next to where the chain goes. But only one side is left. And the intake cam is missing both. Is this okay?

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  • It's a damper rubber, you can run them without it.

    They get old and can break up and end up through the engine anyway.

  • Yah, that's probably what I've been finding bits of. Should I pull the other one, so the chain sits evenly?

  • I'd be thinking if ones is gone the other won't be far behind?

    I'd take it off.

    Mine were taken off when the cams were reground, and I don't intend to replace them.

    Apparently you'll get a small amount of extra chain noise, but no other issues..... This is according to others on the twins forum who have removed them.

  • Cool. Sounds good to me

  • I have replaced mine however thet are only there to supress noise, it's not an issue if they are not replaed.

  • Have you run without them Nigel Harris ?

    Just wondering how much more noise you get?

  • Not personally Glenn as I saw that mine were about to go so I replaced them at that time. However I know several that have and its not a lot different. Just a little more top end chatter, not a lot really.

  • Bet that's what I found in my engine as well. Interesting.