Question Time guys installed a HONDA rear rack last night without a degree in...


Question Time guys, installed a HONDA rear rack last night ( without a degree in nuclear physics ), is the carrier bracket & top case meant to move 2 - 3mm? There are nylon spacers between the steel.

Next, there are 2 circles underside with rubber inserts, what is their function?

Thanx in advance.

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  • Hello Ian,

  • Alright

  • Hello Ian. Yes the rear carrier is supposed to have some movement in it, apparently this is to aid stability and avoid tank slappers (Triumph do the same thing with their side panniers). Don't know about the circles with the rubber inserts though. Regards Ron Rutgers

  • It's for a Day lock fitment Ron Rutgers

  • Do you not think it needs to be fitted the other way round that looks like it is going to knock he'll out of the back of your bike.

  • Followed instructions!

    Sat on back in garage....

  • This is why I get the shop to fit it for me. Have no idea what they are talking about, above. I normally say something like if I buy that rack / box will you fit it for free. Normally if they don't do it for free they do it really cheap. Result. I hate spending hours on something to find out I did it right in the first place. But because it did not look right or someone said think it may be wrong. I put myself through hell. Hope it's ok and working mate.

  • Thanx, think it's right, know where your coming from.

    Dealers do my chain & sprockets etc.

  • The movement is to stop "tank-slappers". It's the same principle as why a cracked bell won't ring - the small break stops oscillations from building up.