question was the 750 shadow in its many guises manufactured or assembled in...

question ! was the 750 shadow in its many guises manufactured or assembled in america ??? = just iquisitive !

  • I think in Marysville Ohio.

  • which models and when please. like my black c2b2 = neat ride.

  • I can't give any specifics. But majority of the honda bikes here are made / put together in Ohio.

  • Honda switched production of the bikes at the marysville manufacturing complex in 2009. All road bikes were made there. This includes the Goldwing, shadow line up, vaylkrie, rebel, Rune, nighthawk. Production was shifted to Japan as they devised a system to cut model change over time from 5 hours to less than an hour. So they are able to make multiple models daily whereas before they would run the Goldwing for a week, then the shadow aero, spirit, ACE, etc. But, not the first job was lost. All associates were moved into positions within the company. I've been through most of the plants over the last 25 years. ( no more than a 40 minute drive to any of the Ohio plants for me ). I essentially grew up with Honda. If you ever get a chance, you can check out the HMA building on the Honda campus. Free to the public and has the first bike made in the US, which was a dirt bike, along with the firsts of every model change.

  • There was quite the backlash when Honda made the decision to move the bike plant. That's because it was the FIRST plant Honda had on US soil. When they signaled to Japan that production was underway in 1982, that's when Sochirosan (Sochiro Honda) told the Japanese team to proceed with the construction of the automobile plant that is now the Marysville Automotive assembly plant. Soon there after saw the building of the Anna Engine Plant, then the East Liberty auto assembly plant, Honda R&D facility and the Troy warehousing plant. Around 2000 Honda fully acquired BPI inc, renaming it Honda transmission. On 9/11 Honda was in the final stages of bringing the Lincoln Alabama plant online. The NSX super car, formerly made strictly in Japan, is now made on the Honda Campus in Marysville after they converted a current building (NSA) into its assembly plant. And that, ladies and gentleman is your readers digest Honda lesson for the day. Like I said previously, I essentially grew up all things Honda. Long live the memories of Honda Homecoming.

  • my shadow c2b2 vin 00007 is 2010,so its japenese build?

  • Yes.

  • Yes.

  • shame and its too expensive for the uk market but its still in the catalog -only one dealer got one in stoke