Question What do you think about saying Loud pipes save lives I have still...


Question.What do you think about saying ,,Loud pipes save lives,, ? I have still original pipes.

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  • I have loud pipes

  • I have loud pipes. but don't think of them as making me safer.....That is what driving skills and gear are for. I just don't like my bikes quiet, that said pipes can be too loud. That gets annoying on a long ride.

  • Loud pipes help...but it's attentive and safe driving by the cars and bikers that actually saves lives.

  • It's true, when you are heard, ppl know your there....

  • Problem about the theory has to do with doppler effect. You don't hear those pipes in a car if the bike is coming from behind you. The sounds is traveling behind the bike.

  • They do save lives. Especially on more dated vehicles. These newer cages are pretty damn sound proof tho

  • I don't know about that Doppler hypothesis, it ain't like your bike is moving faster than sound. Sure, it's louder from behind, but louder is louder. Bass frequencies travel spherically.

  • Yeah it seems a little off. But the true studies brought up on here prolly focus on the modernize state of the art cages that are practically sound proof when the windows close

  • Trains should be heard too but was watching a report yesterday about how many people are killed walking on train tracks. Reporter proved you don't hear a diesel train until it's almost on top of you. I try to be aware of everyone around me but have had bikes pass when I'm riding my bike that I didn't hear until they were right by me. Loud straight pipes but at 70-75 mph the sound couldn't catch up fast enough. Even worse in my car with windows up and radio on.

  • I live in a quiet neighborhood, so I kept my stock pipes on the Honda ACE for 3 years. I got tired of people pulling out in front of me almost every time I rode. I put on some aftermarket baffled straights on. Guess what? Drastic reduction in people not "seeing" me.

  • I have had similar situation with other bikes flying passed me. I mean I check my mirrors and surroundings a lot. But boy we can fly on 2

  • I keep my stock. I like em. but I live in Florida and we can straight pipe anything here where I live. No laws on it

  • I installed a headlight modulator. They are going to see that long before they hear my pipes. A lot cheaper than a new exhaust too.

  • Do you have a part number for it. I'm interested in using one. Does the light flash at night or how do they work ? Thanks for any info.

  • Len, can you provide more info.

  • Headlight Modulator. You can buy direct or jp cycles sells them as well. I bought mine some years ago and it had to be wired-in. Now I think they have a "Plug 'n' Play version. It has a light sensor that disables it at night. Hope this helps.

  • They also have a brake light flasher that will draw attention from the rear.

  • Nothing will replace loud pipes, but I'm going to look into these as additional tools.