• Quick clip for the benifit of Jesus Busby Filmed from my MSX following a mate...

    Quick clip for the benifit of Jesus Busby. Filmed from my MSX following a mate on his super quick monkey bike.

    A little taster of the fun you can have :-)

    • Yes, everyone has been so friendly and i can feel the passion you all have for this particular bike, its ace! About time I got up to speed with the cool kids too.... ;)

    • All the cool kids have one Jesus ;)

    • I can see that Jack, Im playin catch-up but I'll be there soon :p

    • Good! I'm exited for you!

    • Me too :-)

    • Awww, cheers lads!

    • Never selling mine!! Even though it will be joined by a ccm r30 and my project mtx125 this summer.

      Btw the green tank in the picture above is a centurion mk3

    • im limited for space, so one bike and one car at a time. but tbh ive not got a reason to get rid of the msx.

      and thanks buddy. loving the tank, want more military equipment for pictures :)

    • I got one cos I test rode one and like thank you its mine now

    • What engines in the quick one