Quick question can t afford a new exhaust system but want better flow will...

Quick question: can't afford a new exhaust system but want better flow; will poking holes in the resenator be sufficient? And will doing the saw hole mod make it too loud? I don't want anything I have to wear ear plugs with.

  • Drill out the resonators and then drill 4 or 5 3/8" holes in the mufflers AND reject with 165's and K&N Hi Performance filter. You will be amazed at the added HP and overall throttle performance at any speed. Trust me I'm a motorcycle enthusiast to the core.

  • That's before

  • And this is after the modifications.

  • Sorry wrong tail

  • And here it is drilled out. Notice how the bike grew a set of bell balls. Pretty cool I'd say.

  • I did the hole saw mod. and re-jetted the carb I like the results.

  • I wouldn't do it. Just save up.

  • Even if you cut the pipes off and leave an open it won't be to loud.its only a 750.1100 of course would be louder.loud pipes save lives