Quick question guys Almax chains They say that if your bike is stolen or...

Quick question guys... Almax chains.. They say that if your bike is stolen or there chain is cropped they will pay the excess on the bike.. Do you have to register with them? What's the terms and conditions? It says they will give them on request but cba waiting for them if anyone on here knows? Cheers

  • Give em a call, they're a really helpful bunch of people

  • They won't pay out there will be something in the small print that says you must have a photo of the bike locked up or the cut chain or something

  • They won't pay because their chain won't have been cut. Serious kit for those who genuinely want to keep their bikes!

  • Yeah.. Thing is, a friend bought one brand new only 2 month ago, but now he has sold his bike and he has offered me the chain and lock cheap.. I'm gonna snap it up, but just wanted to know what there terms and conditions state...

  • Still don't think anything will stop a determined thief but I hear they do a damn good job at it

  • But at the same time my Oxford with a ground anchor stopped them

  • Even if Almax don't cover excesses it's worth having the chain just for peace of mind. Once you see how beastly it is you'll understand how no one without an angle grinder and no fear of getting caught is going to get through it.

  • Not sure about payback but they are strong and will be safe. I use two 19mm chains with Squire padlocks and I sleep calm.

  • Get it. There is no stronger one like that. Make sure 19mm.