Quick question Is the paint peeling here something you would expect a...

Quick question... Is the paint peeling here something you would expect a dealership to deal with as a warranty claim?

Bike is around 2 months old and only covered 300 miles. I always dry it when it gets wet (rarely due to rain...) and it has been coated in ACF-50 since new.


  • Paint has peeled from around the inside of the circular bit that bulges out. And also the whole rectangle bit on the right where the two bolts are.

    I'll ask about it at the service. Also need to get them to investigate why it clicks when I walk with it still...

  • They were probably never painted at those places.

  • I think those bits are like that from the factory bud

  • Lol if they are like that from the factory that's even worse in my mind. Clearly quality control is lacking.

  • I'ts just a monkey bike :-)

  • Those aren't supposed to be painted.

    They are both machines surfaces.

  • They are just machines surfaces from factory, can't really torque bolts etc on top of paint

  • ^^ Exactly.

  • It's machined after powder coating!!!!

  • Its not painted as if effects the toque of the bolts. Once tighted down to the the bolt would would start scraping the paint off make the bolt catch and give false reading