R G vs Tyga Tail Tidy which one to go for I have decided to get a pair of...


R&G vs Tyga Tail Tidy - which one to go for? I have decided to get a pair of Rizoma small indicators for the rear (Avio 21?) so it can fit with my Yoshi Can, Im after a UK seller preferably as cannot be waiting 2 weeks for one to arrive from far east. Opinions most appreciated! thanks

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  • Tyga is a great quality tail tidy and looks the bollocks with a smaller plate. Available in the uk through Gavin Greenall

  • Thanks, Have given Gavin a shout, waiting for him to get back to me on availability as i am quite local to him :), does a 5x7 plate fit with no tail showing at the bottom? or would a 8x6 be better? also Tyga CF vs Fibre Glass? lol, 3rd world problems!

  • Have you looked at the Evotech tail tidy? You can get them from p&h motorcycles

  • This is with a 7x5 you do get a little bit showing at the bottom but could be cut off if it bothers you. I went fibre glass. But that's your choice if you want carbon or not lol

  • ive seen them yes, but unsure how much the indicator mount sticks out, ive seen pics of the tyga and r&G and bth look fine using small indicators and full size end can (Yoshi RS9), id need to see a pic of an evotech really .

  • 4 L brackets

  • You can also get the R&G tail tidy from them too as they are a dealer plus the mini indicators

  • looks great that! stuck on with double sided tape yes? do you not use a rear reflector?

  • No it was stuck on with some serious spray adhesive with a metal plate on the back to mount to the tail tidy

  • That's the Evo one with standered indicators

  • No I don't run a reflector

  • Alexander Prudent thanks mate :)

  • Think they take 2-3 working days for them to arrive at P&H motorcycles in Crawley they can post as well

  • This was mine with the akra exhaust and 8x6 plate.

  • Are they the Rizoma Zero's mate?

  • Asif Khetab Yep, those are them!

  • Tyga with 7x5.

  • 7x5 ordered :)