R. I. P

R.I.P :(

  • All going through his insurance anyway so it's not a loss to me really

  • How long to recover?

    You were on the roundabout and have been hit on the left? Like they did not give you priority? right?

  • Nope no priority at all

  • make them pay and pay your medical bills

  • All in place fella

  • ok, when you recover and when you have a bike, if you want still to ride. I would advise you to go to a BikeSafe day, there are promo code to get it totally free.

    They do explain a lot of tricks to not be hurt.

    In a round about even if the car driver checks, he physically can't see you unless he really want to see you and specifically look for you. And for us with our tiny little grom, it is even worse.

    But in between, recover very well and take care. And anyway, it is the beggining of winter season...

  • I got a loan bike I go with a company called mcams

  • For the reference: http://www.survivalskills.co.u k/riding_skills_47.htm

    But take care and rest well, it is the most important.

  • Careful with this type of deal. It's generally a big cost and if you don't win your claim (you'd be surprised what can go 50/50 in the end) you could end up paying for the bike.

  • Good to know. Thanks Aaron.

    Whatever is about bank, credit, loan or rent a flat or a car seems to be a rip-off around.

    There is always a small line somewhere.

  • No win no fee so it's all good

  • Still double check it applies to the hire vehicle, for your peace of mind. Someone has to pay for it. Even if a losing solicitor doesn't charge you he may not pay the vehicle hire.

  • Glad you are OK mate. Hope u ll get back on your bike soon.

  • No win, no fee*

    In very small font you can barely see.

    * (no lawyer fee, but higher vehicle charge to cover them)

  • Sorry, Jordan. Gimme a shout if you fancy meeting at Jasper's or something