Random 1

Random 1

But for those going to london do they have a spare swing arm spindle?

  • Needed asap!! Will be much appreciated willing to pay off course:)

  • What 1 the one that goes threw rear wheel or one that goes threw frame and rear sets

  • Frame

  • Ok no Worrys crnt help u sorry

  • No London for me

  • The one which goes through the Rearset is the same as the rear wheel spindle

  • So there both the same

  • Yeah mate same part numbers

  • Cheers.

  • Steven Haycock Matt Lloyd buster said there the same. I have a brand new 1 in pack I need it but will sell u it and will have to buy another 1 myself

  • Need it today if anyone could help?

  • I bought the last one off ebay other day sorry