Rattle canning my wife s old new bike. Any advice on gas resistant clear coat

Rattle-canning my wife's old/new bike. Any advice on gas resistant clear coat?

  • Dupli-color engine clear with ceramic works pretty well

  • Spray Maxx 2k clear all the was.

  • Ordered 2 cans, thanks man. Think that'll get me there? Stock front and rear fenders, tank, side covers minus the chrome strip. 96 cmx250

  • the spraymax is good stuff( cheers David) used it a while back. but wear a mask, this stuff is pretty potent!

  • just done the tins on my bike with a similar clearcoat(kustom cans) 1 can covered the lot with about 4 coats

  • I like it because you activate it before use. Just like a painter would do on your car.

  • David brings up a good point there Benjamin you only get one go with this clear coat, once its activated you need to use it up in a certain time frame, so have all your tins ready. good luck and post some pics when done