Read quite a few reviews on winter goretex gloves. Many not being good


Read quite a few reviews on winter goretex gloves. Many not being good. Could this be the reason. Sorry not a great phot.

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  • Anyway,on the subject of gloves, can anybody recommend a pair of waterproof, warm gloves.

  • yes i got these ds-REVIT-Aquila-H20-long-style-winter-warm-waterpr oof-motorcycle-gloves-Racing-gloves-Free/326993576 72.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.TWlK6D

    which are overpriced in europe and US , got em from china. Its the real deal not a knockoff and works perfect in heavy rain and cold ~5-6 C for about 45 mins . buy a size larger from your current ones . it needed a break in period of a week to take my hands shape

  • they have got some protection as well.

  • yes truly worth it

  • Scotty I used to use a pair of hein gericke Pathan 5 finger gloves, never leaked and warm but protection is a bit light, now I have the muffs in I use summer gloves .. much better but I need some better protection ones, fancy a pair of handroids

  • better test drive some , not the best for comfort and traveling imho not the best for the cbf style

  • I'd also recommend 'hand-guards' to keep the wind off, the cheap ones I and others have fitted off e-bay make a lot of difference, just remember to set them up to keep the under draft from the fairing off your hands. torcycle-Bike-Handguards-Hand-Guards-Protectors-sm oke-/301858464194?hash=item46482aa1c2:g:i8gAAOSwub RXNZJ7

  • handroids have certainly got protection. Haven't read reviews on them. Been looking at another pair of Knox but reviews weren't that great.

  • Neil John aye, the Rukka range seem to be pretty good.

  • I use gloves with Gore-Tex on a bike with heated grips and never observes any kind of problem with this combination.

    But there is a typical problem with such gloves, and that is that the Gore-Tex membrane is on the inside of the insulation material.

    So when you go high speed throug heavy rain, water will go throug the outer layer - which is not 100% waterproof - and soak the insulation material, so it looses the insulation property.

    Hence your hands get utterly cold, althoug staying completely dry.