• Ready for winter

    Ready for winter

    • 164 fitted with hire bike etc from p&h Crawley

      Bikes getting a wash after I finish typing but that's fairly clean if I'm honest

      And already they feel amazing, very responsive and confidence inspiring

    • haha I wash my bike once a week don't know why as soon as I'm on the road its dirty again joys of living in a rural town and having to travel half hour to work everyday I suppose

    • Bune ya kanyak.isin

    • Clean and a little extra pressie for the forza 8-) who wants a guess haha

    • bike cover?

    • It lives in the garage so nope 8-)

    • Got to be a holder for something

    • Phone cradle 8-) was cheaper then I thought it would be

    • Will do when I have it, meant to be for xmas haha