Really need to film a long one


Really need to film a long one

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  • Is that on film? Id love to have a crack at a distance haha

  • I hate people that make wheeling an MSX 125 SO BLOODY EASY

  • Yeah it's on my YouTube. I'll get the link

  • This annoys me that at 34 i dont have the balls to learn how to do this!.. (with both hands)

  • Feel free to skip around, buddy recorded weird so I had to edit some stuff

  • I think I would but if it was on someone elses bike who didnt mind me fucking it up!

  • Dawid Galica

  • Elmo Rider at 36, fathering two children and being 50% responsible for an entire IT department means I can't event risk lifting the front off the XSR700 at low speed.

    I bought the Grom as a "get to work without risking smashing my teeth in and costing me nothing" means of transport. I do the odd stoppie, but that's about it.

    I doubt I'll ever lift the front, planned.

  • Video unavailable

  • lol im 30 this month and the only time a front wheel has left the floor is when I was on a slight hill and let the clutch off a bit much as I left the lights, with my bike costing so much overall and a £600 exhaust I really dont want to risk flipping it and damaging anything so I havent even attempted wheelies, badly want to to!

  • Only time my front wheel has left the ground is when I first picked her up and let the clutch out too quick at a light, shit my pants and haven't don't it again since

  • Is that a second gear wheelie?

  • Hmm let me check

  • I'm not having any trouble viewing it. Not sure what's going on

  • Way easier than you think.

  • Dunno maybe its my phone lol

  • Lance Graves so is snapping a wrist or turning an ankle the wrong way round ;)

  • I have snapped my ankle. So I understand that lol

  • Azraz Razali hg leh try nanti...