• Rear seat cover wanted and long belly pan extender fender wanted still not sure...

    Rear seat cover wanted and long belly pan, extender fender wanted still not sure on swing arm weather to get it cleaned up and wrapped or weather to get new under braced one and a shock wanted... How much do people think I will be spending all Inn

    • 550

    • Depends on what you want, I worked out seat cover £70-80 off msx accessories after import(if you get charged) tyga long £140, fender extender £10 eBay.

      Under braced swing arm from minibikecraze are around £140.

      Shock depends on what you get, personally I would recommend ohlins as I'm finding it very effective but they vary from £60-£600 so whatever takes your fancy!

    • All tyga hopefully... Dont want any cheap shit that will break like some of the belly pans out there

    • I like the yss shock or the one that begins with T always forget it's name

    • Takegwa I think it is

    • Want to add more green to it aswel but don't know where to add it tbh

    • Rob message me with what you want and will give you some prices I do a range of shocks from £125.00 - £650.00