Recently picked up a cbr1000f its got a new battery and new spark plugs on it


Recently picked up a cbr1000f, its got a new battery and new spark plugs on it. It just turns over and over and doesnt fire up unless its connected to a battery pack or jumped off a car. Battery has been tested and is good. What could it be. Im assuming its notnthe starter as its turning it over. Cheers

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  • A mate suggested it could be the carbs sticking, it has pod filters on and had been sat uncovered on a driveway for around a year

  • if it starts on a bigger battery sounds like an amp issue

  • Mines slow to start if it's been stood a couple of weeks so I've fitted an optimate lead and leave it on a digital charge. It turns over no problem but not enough to fire it instantly as it does when it's fully charged. Fitted iridium plugs but still the same...

  • How long does it turn over for before firing up?

  • Doesn't usually start first or second time but after about 4-5 seconds on the third. When fully charged about 3 seconds first time

  • I was thinking 20-30 seconds. Maybe needing clearances checked if carbs fine.

  • Mines been better since I replaced the air filter, I used a hi-flow this time

  • Checks the stator, that happened to me before

  • Mine just keeps turning over until it has drsined the battery, even if i jump start it and go for a ride then kill it it still wont start back up, doesnt cut out while riding and when its running runs perfectly

  • Check the charging voltage guys when bike is running. Looking for 13.7 to 14.4volts. Anything lower will leave the battery down on volts after a ride

  • And if that is the case mark?

  • More than likely a rectifier issue, Quiet often turns out is poor contacts going to it. or needs replacing.

  • I do have a spare one, home here for the CBR1000f. Well somewhere

  • Let me know a price bud wheb you find it

  • With postage £25. But I would check the contacts on yours. More than likely nothing wrong with it. Way to check yours is with voltage meter and measure resistance on the 3 bottom pins against the live in. Should be around 160-170 ohm