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Didn't get a response last time, so I'm going to ask again and hopefully get the response I'm hoping for. Does anybody know a mechanic that works on motorcycles in the Long Island, NY Nassau/Suffolk area, preferably Suffolk???? Don't wanna go to the stealership to get work done on my bike

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  • Whats the problem?

  • Probably not the response you're hoping for, but a little sage advice:

    Ask yourself this question:

    (If you have mechanical aptitude), is the work something you can do yourself? If yes, then do it.

    If not (which I'm assuming, or you wouldn't be asking) then consider this...don't be so hasty to dismiss "the stealership" to have the work done. This is why:

    They might be a little pricey (but you'd be surprised, I think)...but consider that

    #1, the mechanics are most likely certified Honda mechanics, which means

    #2, they're going to get it right, and

    #3, they are going to warranty their work.

    Personally, I wouldn't trust my CBR to some guy who works on Harleys, and Triumphs, and BMWs, and an occasional Honda here and there...just food for thought. Good luck.

  • Yes I know but when you only have like 4 dealerships in the area and all their prices are ridiculous and all have some pretty horrible reviews, then you're put in the position I am now. I appreciate the advice but all this has been well thought through already

  • Need my valves checked and possibly put to spec, and this is a job that I can't do myself. Most basic maintenance I've already done but this I personally can't

  • Id never done them before, how many miles on the clock? I checked mine at 16k, they will prob need doing around 24k, the wear clearences were within tolerance. If theyd of needed doing i eould have taken them to a good mechanic. I checked first and saved myself a few £s...worth checking them first. All the infos online and it isnt hard to do