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    Lookin for a 150 motor, preferably in the grand rapids michigan area with the exhaust, ive had way to many issues with the block i have now... just sayin screw it at this point and wanna drop a new block in... bike doesnt even have 800km on it... any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • thanks man, trusted motor? i just dont wanna go thru this again, i havent had my bike in almost a year now:(

    • Seems like all gy6 engines are the same. Not one is better than the other. But that's the cheapest I've ever seen.

    • alright sweet thanks man, i dont know what it is right now my block wont run over 20mph its just poppin and then shuts off

    • What makes you think that has anything to do with the engine block? The carb or something in the ignition system is way more likely to be the problem.

    • This^^ 80-90% of issues on these motors in my experience is usually all top end issues if it's not something as simple as the carb or ignition system

    • I cleaned the carb but I guess I didn't think about the ignition system, with full knowledge how ignorant I sound, what could be going on with the ignition, coil/spark plug??

    • It could be one of the ignition components (CDI, coil, plug) or it could be as simple as a loose connection or broken wire.

      If you have a friend with a GY6 powered scoot that runs well, buy them a couple beers and try to convince them to let you swap out parts one at a time for testing. Be sure to only make one change at a time so you can nail down the cause.

      If you don't know anyone local with a GY6 powered scoot, you can buy an aftermarket carb, cdi, coil and plug for less than $100.00.

      If you can post a video of how it is cutting out on you we might be able to help you narrow down the most likely suspects.