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I'm trying to get the primary clutch off motor on as fl 250 any tips would be greatly appreciated thanx

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  • I was hopeing to fashion something to do the job

  • You need to get a puller. The clutch may be a pain to get off. Heat up the inside of the clutch shaft itself, not the crankshaft.

  • Yeah I have not messed with it to much I can tear up an anvil in a sand box I was hopeing It was like the polaris ones were made a tool in a few min put impact on it and came right off

  • Sometimes the clutch does not want to separate from the shaft. We forced one off before and now the puller is stuck in the clutch. I wasn't told until after that heating up the clutch shaft is a big help. I still have a good clutch but with the tool still in it

  • I know this is a long shot but could anyone take a picture of there clutch puller next to a tape measure thanx

  • If it makes any difference, the pullers are 5 1/2 inches long

  • So it does work the same as the polaris I made one for it wheeled it right off thanx

  • If I remember correctly it's been a long time but I used to take the bolt out wrap Teflon tape around it fill the Bolt Hole with oil or transmission fluid and force the bolt back in, but be careful cuz a clutch will pop off pretty hard