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Anyone know a cheap bolt in solo seat for 06 shadow spirit 750

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  • Yeah youtube it and see if you can find anything

  • Not for spirit

  • There's got to be something or a way

  • I would think so

  • 03 is a lot cheaper then the 06 seat

  • This is what I'm wanting

  • i have a custom 1 i believe they cut it but fits like a charm on the side holes on my spirit 01

  • How about the seat off an Aero. Bolt straight on

  • Does it really

  • Late 04 onwards aero seat will fill 04 onwards spirit 750. I have an 06 aero seat on my 08 spirit 750. The pillion seat doesn't line up with the bolt hole in the rear guard. However the riders seat bolts straight in and gives you an easy bolt on solo seat

  • Ok I'm gonna look for one

  • Great since I have an 03 and need a seat soon.

  • Is yours solo

  • No. Looking to go to a solo seat. Any suggestions?

  • Nice. Where did you get it?

  • bought it used on ebay best 40 bucks i ever spend

  • Found one on eBay for 200 that is direct fit