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Looking for skull hand mirrors. Engine guard, crash bar or highway pegs and rear shocks at the cheapest price for an 83 vt750. Anyone have a bike that year that has bought these type of things?

  • Skull hand mirrors are $13 free shipping on I have a set but you can buy new cheap as I could send them.

  • I bought the ones off amazon that have the chrome hands and the black mirrors. They looked pretty good and didn't feel necessarily cheap, however they were stuck where you couldn't adjust them and they had a tiny chip in the corner of one of them. I sent them back. Haven't decided if I'm going to reorder them or try something different. Anyone else tried them with better luck?

  • The cheap ones are about 13-20 on Amazon and eBay... The real chrome ones from kuryakin are 100.00 off of Amazon approximately

  • Both are chrome and black or reverse black and chrome