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Im looking for rear brake master cyl for a 1985 FL 350 does any one know if they can be rebuilt doesnt hold pressure also need a few seat bolts that holds seat to frame..Thanks for any help !!

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  • This is my caliper listed on ebay. I'll take 10 percent off of the price outside of ebay.

  • Drew is a good seller too

  • Works perfect

  • 182230147722 that's the listing number if you would like to check it out.

  • I would grab that up from Drew Bleiler. You can't find the rear brake caliper that cheap often

  • Definitely not in that condition.

  • Ok Ya Thanks i will check it out

  • Hay Jay Hargrove I have that rear caliper free soaking in in brake fluid a few days ordered that rebuild kit today from aftershock motor sports . I also ordered a manual on ebay to get more educated on the FL350 until then anyone know what oil should be used in motor as a counterbalance and gear box i found on google is a 10/40 no det or honda 1 does that sound right ??No det oil kinda hard to find these days here in east TN anyway..Thanks for any help ..if all my effort still dont work on that caliper may look for one later..

  • I use rotella 15/40 di3sel oil in both.

  • Thanks Jay Hargrove will be rolling soon just need the seat back now .