Regarding chain slack adjustment


Regarding chain slack adjustment.

Rider on, or rider off ?

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  • Guess I was over thinking this

    Thanks for the quick answers

  • It's off, read the manual and stop giving bad advice.... Ian ;)

  • Only one person said rider on....

  • Always off.

  • Yeah the first person to comment gave wrong(bad) advice(for like the 20th time on this page) and I was correcting him. If they don't know, they don't have to chime in

  • I have heard some dumb stuff on this page that just makes me laugh something.

  • Loren I agree with you but you should've just replied to him the way you replied made a point to all of us not the individual in question

  • Karl Waldron I corrected to statement. But again this is not the first time this page has given bad advice.

  • Like a couple people on here said not to get a ECU when you have and intake and exhaust because "you won't feel much different"......that's dumb and completely wrong.

  • Unfortunately not everyone knows everything about everything. People are just usually trying to help.

  • Wat ecu would that be.... The U.K. Msx is different to the U.S Grom so you have to tread carefully dude! And also the 13-14 Msx ecu is deferent to the 15 Msx ecu

  • A PCV or Bazzaz or EJK or AFR+ and I know the bikes well as I read up a lot and have researched before I comment.

  • Then you'll know that the uk bike self learns if the lamba stays connected and auto adjusts the fuel so you can ran an air filter and fuel system and the bike will run fine with the standard ecu! And adding and fi con takegawa ect only fine turns it so if the untrained person dosnt set it up properly they can do more harm then good! So unless you change the cam as well I would be ok running a uk spec bike without one....

  • Yes I would also know that you cant adjust the timing or firing and you can't adjust the RPMs. It also only makes small adjustments using the narrowband sensor off the head. Which after two hours of riding at 200+ Fahrenheit temperatures will throw off your air to fuel ratio because of the compression change. Also the changes arnt instant on the stock ECU, they adjust with use.

  • Jesus Christ !!!

    I'm sorry I asked.

    In future I'll keep my big mouth shut and ask my Nan

  • Lol your question was fine(well it was asked and answered like three days ago) it was people chiming in with wrong advice, it irritates me. Sorry :(

  • No worries Loren, don't let it get to you

  • Ok, looks like an overwhelming "Off"

    Tomorrow morning I'm going down the road to kick a certain mechanic in the gonads

  • Always adjust to the tightest spot and is the chain tighter or looser with a fat ass on it?? Mine is definitely tighter.

  • The owners manual and service manual gives advice on how to adjust the chain.

  • Mine too mate

  • I know this has been worked out but for me its off on a paddock stand and adjusting at the tightest spot on the chain got 15k out of a 420 chain doing this and its still got life in it, the trick is not overtightening it and keeping it lubed up.

  • That being said I have always checked my adjustment after it is done with the rider on but thats just a final check

  • ^^^ da man knows his shiz :)

  • If you want to be extra careful with maintenance of the chain you can switch out the front sprocket about halfway through the life of the chain because this wears out way quicker than the rear and a worn sprocket eventually degrades your chain but this is just something I have heard never done it myself can anybody confirm?