• reliability is my main concern when purchasing a chuckus ive read that its...

    reliability is my main concern when purchasing a chuckus.... ive read that its almost expected for one of these things to break down on you at some point... just worried because i have 0 experince on working on motors of any size.. wondering if the Fuerza is any more reliable then a Maddog.... also tao tao vs icebear any difference in reliability or not so much// appreciate any input

    • I guess I'm doing good since I'm so lazy yet I have 13k on my ruck and nothing has broke yet.

      China=cheap you get what you paid for.

    • I rather learn my skills and make mistakes on a Chinese scooter that is both fun and exciting to ride than on a very expensive scooter that would cost me an arm and a leg.

    • Your ruck parts came from China too hahahahaha

    • I admit some of my dress up parts come from China. But I have a lot made here in the US. Or I fab it up myself

    • Anything you dont do maintanence on will break. I didnt know anything when i first got mine, but i asl questions when needed as well. Fortunatley i have guys to personally help me. But its a simple motor. Youtube vids help and a basic tool set can help too. Everuone has to start somewhere though. Never learn if you dont.

    • Wharever you buy, spend the time & money to get a service manual. Even if you dont fix anything, at the very least you can have an understanding of what it takes to fix it...

    • I put 3500mi. & 3 oil changes on my honda the first year i owned it. During that same time i replaced belts & did the carbs on 2 buddies chinese scooters. Prevention is key. Just get out & log miles & smiles...

    • Btw my chuck had very little problems except the stock battery untill i started modding. Once you start customizing anything, you will always have a hiccup somewhere. Just keep it simple and no problems.

    • Its almost a year since I got mine and I am still running the stock battery. I have a spare battery sitting in storage just waiting for the stock battery to fail and it hasnt failed so far :D

    • Same happened for me. 7 months and as soon as i started bragging, it crapped out lol.

    • If your not mechanically inclined dont buy any

    • Biggest issue I've experienced is the wiring harness. Increase the gauge and build it yourself. Isolate the components so they aren't depending on the continuity of each connection

    • i cant pass on this thing its too bad ass... as soon as the weather warms up a bit more i am going to go ahead and purchase.... this will allow me to become more familiar with engines and have a sweet ass ride