• Removing broken bolts can be a real pain Much more so when you break the screw...

    Removing broken bolts can be a real pain. Much more so when you break the screw extractor off in the bolt.

    If any of you have done this you know that drilling out a screw extractor is near impossible because they are so tempered. So I am slowly grinding it out with the Dremel.

    • Hammer and flathead work a lot easier

    • For removing a broken screw extractor? I actually tried to hammer it out first. With a small chisel, but it was not budging. I seized it in good before I broke it off.

    • For removing broken screw or bolt. Idk about the extractor. They're very tough bits lol

    • I have been grinding on it for about 2 hours now. Please do tell me if there's another way.

    • Is that the fender mount screw?

    • Yes. I bought the bike with no front fender. Now I know why they sold it to me without a fender.

    • The screw is seized in there really well on both sides. Some bright guy must have used an impact driver when they put it on.

    • No good.. Do you have a butane torch? You could heat the screw lightly it will expand and break the bond. Just have to be careful because i think the tube is aluminum. It will melt if you heat it too much.

    • I thought about that, but decided not to take chances with it. I'm not sure which is wearing through faster, my grinding bit or the screw extractor tip.

    • The other side I just drilled out the screw. After I get this side up I'll see if there's any way possible I can salvage the original threads. Otherwise I might have to buy another tap and die set as I can't find mine.

    • At this point probably best bet

    • put an e z out in your drill and reverse drill. It shouldnt b very tight nd will usually come out after a few trys.

    • Son of a bitch.....sorry bout your luck brother

    • Thank you. This is the time where I am learning to be patient. I am about 3 hours into it using a small grinding bit on a Dremel. I am making progress but it is very slow. I am hoping to be able to work on it some more later today.

    • That's exactly what I did. I used a screw extractor and it broke off inside the broken bolt. The screw extractor can't be drilled out so I am using grinding bits on a Dremel. So far I've got about 3 hours into it.

    • Hope it don't give you too much trouble. Keep us posted.

    • After another 30 min of grinding

    • 4hrs into it now and I am getting close to having all of the extractor removed. Hope to finish tomorrow. This is definitely a patience tester.

    • That sux. Thats a small bolt to b giving giving that much trouble. Good luck with it.

    • Another hour today (5 total so far) and I have two holes! Now I just need threads.

    • Did you ever get it out?

    • Yes. 5hrs and I had both holes cleared all the way. Only 30 minutes today to finish drilling it out and put new threads and heli coils in both. 5-1/2hrs total. All repaired. Now I can get back to changing the fork seals like I had originally planned. Lol

    • All that for fork seals.wow

    • Actually, it was all so I could put a front fender on. Lol

    • Oh wow.. Yeah glad you got it.. Lol. Was a painful process