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Thankz to Rachel S all e Japanese manual translated!! Below is wat its explaining...

● 0000 M1 Ordinance 22:51 36% ED dilts over 02 REPLACER manual Guromu Msx125 DILTS JAPAN 02 Replay Sir Thank you for purchasing Guromu / MSX 1 2 5 for a wide feedback WE Eria by 02 sensor , that's also within this area to 增量 / weight loss fuel at subcontractors, feedback 聇 by you will go back to a certain extent the original. 02 replay Sir 02 feedback c closed loop function of injection car built-in micro computer engine is a retarding amount setting of numerical street without bulking / weight loss would have been corrected in the fuel you cut will not enter the 02 sensor correction with respect to weight loss subcontractors or the like in the O2 sensor signal due to the stop L. Ecu you can in the rotation throughout. feedback area originally wide Guromu / M to the SX 1 25. ENI is particularly useful in setting in GMA, etc. * this manual is not describes install or notes of 02 replay Sir you. If the good you please correct use on the understanding Guromu / ws x 125 This book should be competitive EL of the settings that we have EU below. Such as Guromu / MS X1 25 remove the 02 sensor from the muffler when the 02 signal is ECU It made because not be entered into. Idling Masu automatic THEL the idling and mounting the 1400, but Ri y blown under it becomes unstable or above RU from the rotation you will be a variety of symptoms and may become dull 02 replay service of the manufacturer value in the vicinity of 1400 rotation. "Setting idling speed for each manufacturer and model is different) also equipped with a r idling fine tuning dial", you can arbitrarily fine-tune the Me enhance / f of A Doringu due to the individual differences of the bike in the pseudo-signal oscillator by r pseudo O2 sensor signal "02 replay Sir unlike those that generate is the number of engines Eli monitoring L. idling, such as its own program, for generating a pseudo signal that has been Anado囵 calculation, the difference between the oscillation signal , signals of the same pattern every time more realistic does not have.'re operating in the idling region in a simple operation Xun confirmation LED can be checked visually. has not been modified even if attached to the normal car, o2 stop feedback machine from the sensor and to optimize the wasting of the feedback area a. Even in the medium to improve the bar / torque feeling of the low-speed range # 7 § Tsu 7B # of 8 IG injector equipped car 韐, o2 Ribureisa is in the vicinity of idling 曾転, case stability of the idling automatically by its own mechanism and the cormorant, however, the case has been changed "air-fuel ratio" is too dark intentionally / or too thin by such subcontractors, idling stability program does not work e O 2 HiTadashi of ECU in idling rotation is cut since it is will increase / weight loss fuel Nari results with subcontractors, etc. (idling will be unstable) in this case, within the range of the air-fuel ratio is common knowledge at the time of idling (for example, of the same place as the normal vehicle, etc. in that case it will be recovered by re-setting the meaning) of the air-fuel ratio idling will have stable Note: due to large hand drum and combustion E. other parts of the injector, the result is in the case of you remodeling car that difference may be subject to a case-by-case basis what remodeling It is not intended that to stabilize the idling car. Merely help and please also Guromu / MSX125 Think of 謊整 Although you can idling of adjustment in the vehicle body side of the idle screw, not idling 關整 this adjustment is due to the 02 replay server and are offset larger than the 1400 rotation N. 02 replay Sir does Mase nL take the genuine O2 sensor

● 0000 M1 Ordinance 22:51 36%) dilts over 02 replay server does not remove the genuine O2 sensor. 2of4 Guromu / Msx125 02 sensor feedback feature 02 feedback range of Guromun / M sx 1 2 5 for (closed loop) does not enter the correction from the beginning and the region in which there is a correction by * Enjin E0E and accelerator opening, not the entire area rpm / accelerator opening of the specific correction range of there you Guromu is as follows. until idling N 2 500 rotation is up to 20% accelerator opening (without it the correction)) 2500-3000 rotation accelerator opening up to 30% (or higher without correction) is in the range up to 60% accelerator opening until 3500 to rev limit rotation (or higher without correction) is above Guromu / Ms x 1 2 5 of closed loop within this range, even if the increase / weight loss in EN I GMA, etc., by o2 feedback, to some extent corrected will be returned to the original area other than the above increase does not there is a first from the feedback correction that is from the beginning in the EN I GMA, etc. / even if the weight loss correction is the area that does not take 0 2 replay Sir be 增 l / weight loss on the area to be corrected and in order not to be returned to the r correction "has been based at manner in correction for this reason, it may originally felt like a change in the air-fuel ratio to the fuel adjustment MAP boundary line between the no was area of the correction comes out such a phenomenon is not a malfunction of the air-fuel ratio measuring machine because the function has to stop * Please complete the setting thinking that say specifications say. ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ Please read warning 11! ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ this product is intended for use in the competition / race, etc. thing that has been fabricated. To use against the use from the mounting, all will be in the self-responsibility of the customer toe does not have any responsibility. When the wrong how to use there serious damage to the engine. Act by a third party that was mounting, etc., or with respect to other accidents, the use of the Company does not have any responsibility for products in relation to failure your late 戧 other is caused by negligence misuse, or incidental from unusable occur We do not have any responsibility for failures

! Sing now UnaaAnarchy -.! Invited you to sing "bertakhta di hati" Join the collab now 3of4 Attaching the mounting work of 02 replay server is required maintenance knowledge of basic Guromu / MSX 125 should be properly carried out in a safe place you. please remove and exterior as ECU and wiring can work according to the service manual. in a state of riding on the vehicle there is ECU on the inside of the left seat side cover first * Remove the sheet, gasoline tank side cover (left) Remove the. Let then remove the seat side cover and the ECU is interrupt the rubber mounted 02 to MT the boric Remove the 33 pin coupler which is connected to have you the ECU Ribureisa diagonally. 02 replay Sir mounting close to the ECU Please be. 02 replay Sir wiring to the coupler side of the wiring to connect interrupt connection and disconnection to. (And interrupt connection is to be connected so as to branch without cutting the normal wiring) interrupt 减線 connection Do not use the electro tap. Will cause problems in the operation of the connection trouble many 02 replay Sir (working with soldering or the like will improve reliability.) Of the vehicle to be connected to the 4 wires color coming out of basically 02 replay Sir wiring the color is in the same or close to the color. rainwater and the like from the lid, which is to this unit the country of the following well look should be properly connected, because there also be entered, where you do not take the rain water or submerged please attach to. ● Please working so as not to confuse such as wiring position a good look at the figure below. Over 116 pink / green, black / blue - (injector -) (Power) IBOD country country 3 Black / Orange (02) and a good look at the following times E] Kunikoku团 10 green cutting (replay to Grand cutting service connect to. 02 replay server side is black. cut the other side, please insulation process so as not to the other and the short ■ to connect at ECU terminals 1, 3, 4 places of 10.16 is. in the above figure well Please check ■ O2 line to be connected to the sensor (black / orange), please connect the black line of ECUM202 replay Sir by cutting "cut the body side and the other line and frame sure to insulate so as not to short-circuit "

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