rice and canes

Fresh painted, comes with lugs and extra tube just in case, but have amazing tread no cuts or slices anywhere no gashes in tread or anything

(Close to hot springs)

  • John Long

  • Where did u get these?

  • On the internet and trying to sell them now

  • Im n nc how much to ship

  • What website

  • .

  • Ohhh if only I was closer to him I'd buy these Broc Collins

  • What website

  • I found mine on here and went and got them

  • Why do you want to sell them so quick?

  • I drive mine a lot, and I just don't need them, I need a more smaller tire that's not so aggressive

  • Where you located?

  • Hot springs arkansas

  • But I will drive a lil ways

  • I was bout to pm you but it's turned off

  • Timmeo Newman I pm u

  • What do you use these for?

  • Rice and patty fields ag tires or sprayer setup

  • Chase Awtrey

  • Trade?

  • Where are you about


  • Shit find me some j boggie

  • I wouldn't let you do that to yourself. Bkt makes a 28 you can pick up with 2 fingers

  • Get me,some I will pay you back

  • This post may as well be removed. Not a Serious sale