Richard Maestas added 12 photos to July 11, 2014 in Honda 350x.



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  • the front was pretty easy,, big Honda street bike clamps pushed the 350x stem in and built a few shims pretty easy,,,

  • What were the forks from?

  • forget them,, you will never find a set.. bets to go with something else,,, these are very rare here in the states... I got lucky on them

  • Oh ok thanks

  • The more I look the more I see more hours!

  • I would love to have a set of inverted forks on my X,

  • ted.. I built every gusset one at a time to get a better than universal fit,, I added more than really necessary too. with all the shock mounts having to be moved and the lower pro-link mount being added it was a long process ,, I decied not to cut the 250r swingarm rather make the frame accept it as it was,, so the swinger mounting on the frame was all cut off and built new for this swinger.. I think I have s few more picts somewhere before I painted it , then you can see in more detail,, it was a fun project ,,,,

  • I felt I might have slighted you with my first comment. However I didn't mean to. It just shocked me at first. But I went out and looked up my 3 50 X 250 R . It looks like a lot of fabrication to make it work properly. I probably would do it a little differently than you because every fabricator is different. There would be a lot of time involved I can see . As a fabricator myself I see very nice job well done. I have wanted to do this but lack motivation for some reason. perhaps the reason is laziness!

  • Pure Awesome work Richard, Fantastic!!!

  • no offence taken ted! after its all done it looks so simple to do,,, LOL!!! when its all shiny and clean its harder to see all the details,,,,,