Richard Partridge shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.


What's your thoughts guys ?

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  • Looks good and price is about right


    Import fees you can add another £30ish to that

    But looks great

  • Anyone using one ? What are you using Lee Cairns ?

  • Looks great

  • I got a Ohlins but not fitted it yet

    But mines proberly a knock off as it was to cheap but looks ok

  • This looks really nice do they do one with red shock

  • How much was it Lee? Under £300 and it is probably moody...

  • Yeah is a snide

  • It's not moody, Gazi is cheap.

    But wouldn't touch KD Shop with a bargepole.

    The guy is just money money money.

    When I went to his shop he bent over backwards to help.

    As soon as the money is in the till ....... Suddenly he doesn't understand

  • I like the look of the Ohlins so i will have to look up this Gazi someday because the rear stock is shocking!!! lol

  • Changed to an öhlins rear 12 months ago. As I rode away from the shop I reckon my smile could've been seen from space. Big big difference