What is a good average cost you think to get my 04 shadow spirit 1100 painted from the current color of black to a matte black. If you have pictures to that would be great! Ride safe!

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  • Honestly...Your Shadow only has 3 pcs. to paint. Tank and both fenders. I have always done my own with rattle cans. Bike is easy to take apart also. My '95 1100 Spirit is basically identical to yours. Since you are not doing a complete color change, that would be the best, at least expensive option. If you don't want to do it yourself, you are looking at around $400-$600 to have a reputable shop do it. Choice is yours. Hope this helps.

  • Thats what i was figuring as well to. I thought about doing it myself but im not quite that talent with spray cans. Im afraid it would come out blotchy. Thank you Mark!

  • I see you are also from the west coast i am from troutdale, or but stationed here in DC for the Navy

  • I used to live in Vancouver. Like it a lot better here in Phoenix.

  • Here is one of my rattle can jobs.

  • And my current rattle can job.

  • That is amazing work sir!

  • Thank You. It really is pretty easy. Since you have factory paint, all you need to do to prep is a scuff pad and cleaner to prep. An 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and a 14mm wrench is all you need to remove everything. 15 min tops.