riderscan we all are aware of the Forza blind spot mirror problems has anyone...

riderscan...we all are aware of the Forza blind spot mirror problems...has anyone bought or used the riderscan screen mounted mirror...check it out on utube...I think it is self adhesive mounted and wonder if it could be drilled and mounted through the screen to prevent it getting nicked...your thoughts please.

  • I had one on my old bike. No where to place it on the Forza.

  • that was a quick reply.....I am suprised you say no room to mount...thought it was meant for our type of screens ?

  • Thing is, the screen is movable... unless you plan on keeping it fixed.

  • sure I realise that...I keep my screen at full hight...except maybe on very hot days when I lower it right down.....The riderscan gives such a massive area of view I would not have thought it would be that much effected...but I take your point...thanks for the info...cheers

  • Fitted one last week. It doesn't completely solve the blind spot problem but you can see everything except directly behind you. Fitting is easy. Put your screen at its lowest setting and fix it so it won't touch anything, remembering to take the screen vibration into account. Make sure you position it correctly, as once it's stuck it won't easily come off. You can now have the screen at any height and still use the mirror. I've tried it at various heights with no need for further adjustment.

  • yes Ive tried these disc mirrors Mark they do help a little

  • Mark Horobin i bought two from my local motor spare shop at the same price instead of ebay , they take a little bit to get used to them and takes a while to adjust them to your setting

  • You should always look over your shoulder, there is always a blind spot somewhere, what ever mirrors you have.

  • I always look over my shoulder on two wheels and four wheels

  • An alternative, dunno if its any cop! - http://www.amazon.com/CIPA-111 25-Hand-Mirror/dp/B000TCGD96