Right av had my msx for just over a year n its still totally standard i wonderd...


Right av had my msx for just over a year n its still totally standard i wonderd if any one had got an extended rear swing arm with l plates always liked them but conserned it would catch on my l plate has any1 done this without any bother

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  • you will need a tail tidy that angles a bit up mate a stretched swingarm wont work with the standard tail

  • Wat ones angle up was lookin at r&g for it

  • Tyga angles more than R&G

  • How much are they cos tbh the only reason av not done anything to it is cos ma polo estate project car swallows a lot of my cash lol

  • They are like £90 odd if I remember right, tbh if you are alright with working with aluminium you can make your own quiet easily

  • A wouldnt mind making my own u wouldnt no if there are any threads or that

  • No threads just 2 holes that you bolt it through. You can get a hinged universal one quite cheap on ebay and fit it easily with little modification

  • I'd go with the solution I have (of course).

    The hurricane tail tidy from webike should give plenty or clearance but won't work with stock exhaust and indicators.

    You can then get a splash guard like mine to mount your L plate on.

  • James Wisener tell us more about this polo. We like a laugh

  • If you put a longer arm I think the splash guard will be a necessity of you ride in rain as your tyre will be out the back of your mudguard / tail tidy.

  • No a laugh started out as a 1.4 polo estate n is now a 1.8 20vt polo estate jus prepping for paint then the rebuild begins

  • James Laverty wen u put the two holes how do u mount the indicators

  • James Wisener I've got a 2004 ish golf gti. So I can say: That's a sweet engine you've got there. Shame the rest of mine is falling apart. Need to do the inner tie rod joints, paints flaking due to sun exposure, the Santa Monica rims desperate for a refurb and those poor cream recaros are fucked. There's a reason I can't have nice things!

  • The engine is a tight enough fitin a golf, you've done well fitting it in a polo

  • The polo estate shares the same engine bay as a mk3 ibiza cupra so all the parts fit directly on to it aye a no wat u mean mines was rough as toast was that low a ripped a hole init but she will be back soon better than ever n a bit higher lol

  • No you can't have any pics from closer

  • Looks nice m8 thats ma baby afore she was off the road

  • Steelies?

  • Aye that was right afore she came aff the road a have aluline turbines for her but at this time a had traded them for pontiac wheels but since then av got them back

  • Thats her wae the alulines

  • Little rims with painted on rubber bands. Fed up with my '45's, one of the rims got cracked bc of them.

  • A got the stretched tyres cos a thought they would be too wide but there was hunners of space never got round too puttin normal tyres on then n spacing them afore a fell out wae the wheels

  • This should give you an idea of how it works tho this one isn't hinged. Just search universal tail tidy and have a look at the measurements between the holes and measure the distance between your 2 bolts under your seat

  • You can use them led bolt lights for your numberplate light or you can del 2 holes for it to accept your original numberplate light

  • Mintit cheers bud

  • Or just do away with the rear L plate or cable tie it to the shock

  • I make these tail tidys always thought it would look good on a stretched bike but L plates are a pain in the ass