Right boys pulling my hair out and at breaking point Bike was running fine and...

Right boys, pulling my hair out and at breaking point. Bike was running fine and then electrics played up, bike would miss fire and when indicators were turned on for example the bike would loose power and nearly die. Got a new battery and same fault occurred, got a new regulator as done the checks as per manual which I was 90percent convinced it was the regulator/rectifier. Fitted and bike seemed to go perfect, started fine once drove to work and on the way home from work pulled in to get petrol and bike would not start again. Had power but not enough to start. Jumped no problem and ran fine till the electrics played up again and finally broke down 20 mile later. Any thoughts????

Thanks in advance

  • I have the same problem i think it is the electric stator,i cheaked it in the battery store and it is unstable it charged my battery 14.2v which was fine and all of a sudden it went up to 15.7v+ and the battery cant be charged with high voltage i guess so this overcharging stator does not charge at all. I looked at many forums to seek for information and i see that there was a recall for some bikes (cb1r) that had a faulty stator and had the chance to fix it for free at the honda dealer. But it is only for 7 years and my bike is 7+ so i guess ill have to change the stator by myself....too bad i cant find any good aftermarket stator

  • I forgot to mention that i switched the regulator to a hayabusa regulator.

  • I'll be phoning the garage the morn hopefully can get it done if it's a recall. Mines is a 2010 model so fingers crossed. No doubt get shafted by the dealer though

  • Just googled CB1000r stator - and found this ... It may not help, but looks worth a try !


  • I had similar problem turned the slater was burnt out.

  • Just called garage today warranty runs out in may this year. Just managed to get it in this weekend. Fingers crossed that's it and they will replace it. Thanks for the help guys