• Right guys girls I m thinking of a new colour scheme

    Right guys/girls I'm thinking of a new colour scheme

    • Nardo Grey with black wheels

    • Keep the green cages as that stands out n seems 2 work eith any colour

    • yh gunna redo the cage , but need a colour for the plastics :)

    • Fair play man

      Emm wat bout like a torquce (real light blue) colour nt seen that done yet think that would b kl

    • as in murder the whole bike but the cage ?

    • Like this?

    • what exhaust is that :O

    • Looks like an akrapovic or at least a fake

    • gloss black. matte black and uv yellow/green

    • Ok iv only seen 1 done haha

    • Have it hydrodipped grey/black/white camo? Winter SAS style

    • Forget the Italian bike and I know peeps done this before but get it right and would look bad ass with cage

    • Or a real nice matt/satin finish??