Right guys looking at chain and sprocket now I ve been paid what s link for 428...


Right guys looking at chain and sprocket now I've been paid what's link for 428 or other recomendation

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  • Are they worn out?

  • I'd be pissed of mine where worn out at 4000 miles but i do mantain mine to a high standard

  • At full of tightness and rear wheel is as far back as it can go now so getting a fresh set going down a tooth ont front and up ont back for more acceleration

  • I deep clean mine degrease clean re lube the lot mate and it's lasted me 4000 miles got the bike in January lasted til now

  • If the wheel is as far back as it can go then yer the chain has strecthed

  • 14-34 best combination

  • Gromlins has the 428 links.

  • How much Tomer can order today

  • How the has it worn out after 4000 miles, the stock should last min double that with a bit of maintenance are sure you are not over tightening it?

  • I think most people are tightening there chain at the loose spot instead of the tight spot, when i had my chain off the other week i spun the back wheel and you can see the rear sprockt is slightly off centre. If you adjust your chain on the the loose spot it will stretch when it goes through the tight spot, i am sure i am not the only one with an oval rear sprocket.....saying that my bike did come with a D.I.D chain from new...........oh and dont trust them adjuster blocks there shit. Right hand side of my axle is almost all the way back where left hand side is in the middle just to get my wheel stright. These bikes have some seriously low tolerances in there build