right I know its way early but I want to start planning routes stop off points...

right I know its way early but I want to start planning routes, stop off points, designated outriders etc for the Ace café meet in july, as it stands I think the main outriders/leader will be Richard and myself, if any of you have an indepth knowledge of London, particulary the west end and tourist hotspots/landmarks please feel free to msg me if you would also like to be a leader as the more we have the more organised we can be on the day, please just comment below just to confirm that you are coming so I can get to planning, cheers.

  • James Jenkinson, how many are you bringing?

  • I'm getting there for 08:30.

  • I will try to be there for 8:30, but I'm normally always late

  • Cool cheers.

  • Or add it to my exiting event topic?

  • Dan, then maybe you could share the url to that event on Gromlins around your social medias, see if we can find any more!

  • Dan, have you noticed how the URL says "July-7th"

  • I know why though, initially when created this topic you put the date as the 7th, so the title generated the URL, and I edited the date when I noticed it, it just didn't change the URL

  • The url should change with the title though...

  • As Charlie said we will be heading up from the south so anyone is welcome to join us on route. Ive ridden to the Ace a fair few times and happy to lead or plan an A road route from sussex heading north :)