Right peeps I m going to have a go at fitting a pair of mccts from Ade to my...

Right peeps, I'm going to have a go at fitting a pair of mccts from Ade to my storm, at the same time as giving my baby a good old clean and freshen up! Pics for people who want em!

A daunting task ahead!!!

  • Looks like a full restauration

  • Good luck I hope it all goes well

  • Well it's not been used for 2 years mate so it's got a but grubby from being in the garage, I'm going to give it a full service as well, while I've got the can covers off I'm going to check the valve clearances as well

  • Cheers David, I've been trying to do it then got a bit daunted by it but now decide just go for it!

  • Good job mate. When i bought my bike it was a low mileage and well looked after. So only thing was the cct's and thats it.

  • Yes that is my next move before summer if we ever have one be interested to keep an eye on how you get on fitting these,good luck

  • I used satin black BBQ paint on mine,they look great.

  • Just take your time m8 or it could be a expensive fuck up

  • Thanks John, I'll take some photos and keep the post updated, I'm stripping the carbs apart tomorrow afternoon, early evening,

  • I intend to Gaz mate, I'm not rushing it, I'll grab a couple of hours here and there while waiting for bits to arrive! I'm looking for a carb balancer as well

  • Good job done,no more worry now.

  • It won't be after I've finished the whole job, next is to get the mccts fitted now I've got the carbs and rads off!

  • I normally use 10w40 semi-synthetic oil in my Storm, my bike is on 41k is this still the best to use? Any recommendations on make and oil filter? I've got some iridium plugs to go in! Cheers

  • Should do the stick coil mod while you're in there.

  • I use Motul 5100 10W40 and K&N oil and air filters.

  • Ehm sounds interesting Mark, any idea on costs and what parts do I need ? Cheers

  • Do these come with instructions and what's the price on them?

  • About 30 quid. You just need a set of stick coils and loom from a CBR 600 F4i or RR works too. I used F4i coils. Then it's just your time, some solder and heatshrink. Honestly, the difference it made to my bike is incredible. Was like a different machine.

  • Are you talking about the cam chain tensioners James? If so they are £46 for the pair from Ade Whitmarsh and he emails the instructions

  • Forgot to say I paid nearly 60 quid for 4 CBR coils then sold the 2 I didn't need for 30. So unless there's someone selling 2 you'll need to buy the 4. You'll be able to see the spare ones easy on here. I sold mine withing about 15 mins lol

  • Cool thanks once I've sorted out some other bits I will have to get some

  • Sounds like a plan mate, I'm searching for some F4i sticks now lol

  • I take it I need to get a set with the plugs and wires attached not just the sticks?

  • Aye you need the loom that connects to the coils

  • If you take a look at my post when I did mine you can see some pics I posted which should help.

  • Cheers Mark, the ones I have found on the bay don't have any cables attached at the mo

  • One thing I have noticed is the choke pull is damn tight to pull and push, is this likely to cured once the carbs have been cleaned in the bath?

  • Most F4 coils are in the US. Cheap as chips. If you find some in UK you'll pay a lot more like I did.

  • Yeah I've found them in the US but no cables and plugs yet only sticks