Rob Cromack shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

  • Dont encourage him...hes gotta make it to xmas yet for the BBK and rear shock ;-) lol

  • I don't need any encouragement

  • That should be your tag line for the plate for the big bike

  • Good thinking batman. I'll make a note of that

  • Hahaha

  • I'll crack on when I got some extra horses to help me ;)

  • Its easy

  • Lies ! :p

  • Did you get your levers sorted Charlie?

  • Yeah mate - wasn't engaging clutch properly enough.. Biting point was a bit off.

    You had yours looked at?

  • Sweet. Mine is fine just need shorter levers

  • Yeah get new levers. Some on eBay for a few quid but it's wether you would trust them - they might be fine but they might be proper brittle.

  • I would rather buy some decent ones.

  • Drifting a bike in 60 seconds? EASY, I COULD DO IT IN TEN! It's being able to ride away afterwards that would be the difficult part..... ;)

  • That's what she said lol