Robert Philhower shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners!


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  • If you look at the results of John's problem solving solutions it's a master piece that out reached even the Japanese giants... it flew like the wind and handled as on rails ..... it's beautiful.

  • The power wheelies are also just amazing, what an absolute beauty.

    What I'd give just to do a couple of laps (slow ish ones) on one.

  • Sorry but what did this bike have that other bikes of the time didn't? I think its amazing but isn't it just a collection of all the most revolutionary and proven designs combined?

  • Fergus: John Britten developed, designed and produced this bike at home ! The concept was completely new at it's time and the bike was able to beat the big industrial racers. Have a good look at video's and you will understand and respect what he did.

  • david vs goliath

  • I don't understand. Wasn't Lucifer's Hammer was doing the same thing and beating Ducati's at BoT a few years earlier. It wasn't backed by HD..Just a small operation out of a shed also?

  • small operation ???? He even did the crankcases by himself, it's a bike without a frame ! Revolutionary design.

  • Aren't you forgetting the uni engineers that helped Britten develop his ideas. God its such a nice bike. Thanks Rob.

  • Kiwis can fly