• Rocking it orange with my shadow spirit

    Rocking it orange with my shadow spirit

    • Nice, Id like to see some more pics of this. ;)

    • Great choice of color

    • Me too! Here's my Orange Crush

    • That's way cool! I want to have pin stripping on my tank and fenders.

    • I actually designed this decal for my tank and my guys clear coated over top to protect it.

    • Did he repaint the whole bike? Cause I'm trying to get that color code ( yr126c) and it's almost impossible.

    • Yeah the whole bike was repainted. We had the shop mix it as close as possible to the color i liked. We had a lot of pearl added in because i wanted it to shine a bit more in the sun.

    • was thinking this same colour, I have same Shadow Spirit

    • Nice. I like it. Orange and black look so good together. That's why my jackets and helmets have orange. Not to mention that it makes you more visible

    • Totally. The color scheme is awesome.

    • I like orange too

    • I don't have an orange bike, but here's my orange gear.

    • Love it