Rookie questions ahead


Rookie questions ahead! !

Looking into getting my first motorbike (p plater approved)

Now I've been constantly drawn back to the trust Honda ct110

What things should I keep an eye out? Usually rwc items and associated costs.

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  • Costs about $200 for rego and insurance for 12 months

    Costs $5 to fill it and you will get at least 100kms per tank

    Parts and aftermarket parts are cheap as

    Definitely reccomend it as your first road registered bike

  • Michael Fleming I think it's a bit more in Victoria for rego bud?

    Mainly regarding what to look for an common issues.

  • $220 cost me in nsw

    Common issues are mainly cheap fixes. Carby and battery are the ones I've seen most often. As long as it starts after a few kicks, doesnt make any loud/weird noises and the lights work, should be sweet

  • You won't regret it...

    Or wipe the smile off your face.

    Just don't expect blistering performance, they are cruisers.

    Like Michael said, as long she runs, doesn't make any weird noises, or have a million klms, she be sweet.

  • If your interested in a custom bike mine is almost finished and ready for sale if your after a cheap and realisable bike I'm in Canberra but can sell with a road worthy

  • I bought a rough looking 110 for $700 a while ago, and have spent less than $200 on it to get it running perfectly and in RWC.

    New bearings where needed, two new tyres, new clutch gasket (you gotta clean and inspect the mesh oil filter) and replaced the gear shifter seal that was seeping oil.

    I had a set of MX bars already and bought a set of flat bars for $25.

    The only "performance" mod I've done is the pod / 80 jet and carb adjustment.

    You can go down the road many sellers here will try and get you to spend money on, but the beauty of the mighty CT is the ease of mechanical work and multitude of parts readily available.

    If you are just after a cheap reliable bike to get you around you don't need to be spending much $$.

  • They are cheap and sturdy mate you cannot go wrong !! don't like the new ones though..This is one i built a year ago, i sold 'bout 13 posties since already:)

  • Send us a pic of it. I might be interested

  • I'm in Geelong with my 04 for sale, runs and rides perfect. I have used it to go to uni everyday for the last couple of years. $1500

  • I made my own version of that exact photo there mate. Cool little machines

  • Any reg?

  • Yep till mid October

  • Robbie Waterhouse inboxed

  • They are beautiful bikes. The big conversation is usually whether to modify and upgrade to a Lifan engine. For me the stock engine is perfect.