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I have a 750 with a lot work into it. Is it worth moving up to the 1100? Or should I just make my 750 faster?

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  • Does your 750 have a chain drive, and if so, have you changed the rear sprocket from 42 teeth to 38 teeth? You have to change the front sprocket and chain at the same time, but total cost with a super-premium chain is just $125 or so in parts. I made that change last summer, and the difference in the bike is amazing. Later shifts, higher speeds in each gear, no need for a 6th gear.

  • I already changed sprocket next thing will have to do is with engine

  • 1100

  • You dont need speed if you want speed buy a sports bike

  • A 750 will never be an 1100.

    I love the look of my 750.

    I dont love the look of the 1100.

    I do really really like the

    2010+ sabres tho.

  • I want more power and torque not more speed but a little quicker would be nice but I do love my bike it is better than stock. I don't like the sport bike ride. I love the cruiser type of ride.