Ryan Honstad shared a link to the group: Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre/Magna).


I'm almost tempted to ask if that price is for 3 V65's (2 not pictured). I bet the buyers will be lined up around the block waving cash at this "fair" deal.

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  • My '83 V45 Magna.. I bought it from original owner in '88 with 9,000 miles on it. It now has 19,000 miles. I paid $1,000 for it. I have 2 bigger Star cruisers that I rack up the miles on now.

  • John M Nighthawk Smedley Jr. Sorry brother. Not looking to sell just yet. I have the carbs off the 83 currently. I'm considering putting them on the 86 because......well you know about 86 vs 83 carbs. Anyways if I ever do decide to thin the herd I will certainly be looking for someone who loves these classics the way we all do. I would like to see that 83 back on the road some day.

  • Eric E. Smith I am not looking to get rid of my 86 either. I will probably will it to my grandson when or something when I die. Hahahah. I test rode a 2014 vmax and if the boss, aka my wife, hadn't brought me to my senses I might have picked it up.

  • This will be a good price for that bike one day, I have watched CB750's go up and up, and look at the price of KH Kawi's . I remember saying "hell no" to to alot of prices on older Jap UJM's and then watch them sell 5 years later for ten times the price. It wont be long till these bikes are being shipped left and right to Europeans and Japanese buyers for this and more.

  • Especially when they realize how FAST they are ! ! ! :)

  • For that much ill sell my lil sabre lol

  • Wee Willie-Winkie where back East, I'll go and ride it for you. You know just to keep it loosened up.

  • Well, John...since I just bought another one that was nearby, I need to get my buns back there and sell that one. I appreciate the offer..:)

  • Price for it

  • Ya know John, I was gonna do a ground up makeover one day..project bike. Not that it needs anything. The carbs need cleaning and syncing I'm sure, but nothing else. Bought it from a guy in the midwest...he had two of them...his and hers. This one never got ridden much. I probably have $1000 + parts there too..a whole Progressive shock lowering system that I researched myself years back. Could use that out here for my latest V65. I'm not sure about price cause I'd wanna move the other parts as well...but the bike alone, with those miles should fetch $4000 I would guess.