Ryan Honstad shared a link to the group: Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre/Magna).


Is this a decent deal? My dad sold his just like this several years ago when he was having health issues, but now that he is able to ride again I think he regrets selling it. It's about 30 min from me so I was thinking about running over and picking it up for him.

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  • If I had a son like you I would be one proud Father..Wtg Kid...

  • He is riding my V65 now (I live in the metro now and have no desire to ride a motorcycle in this mess), but this is a far better fit for him given it's lower and not as heavy.

  • I agree proud dad here. And I got mine for 300.00

  • The only thing nice about the bike was the newer tires. Other than that when feeling around the carbs for the gas leak (given the varnish on the outside of the carbs) I came out with gas and oil on my hand. All painted surfaces and chrome were dinged up, frame was rusted in many areas, it ran for about 10 min and produced a puddle of something under that didn’t have a smell (coolant?). It was a walk away from deal even at $500 in my opinion, but I’m glad I went and looked anyway.

  • Damn he must be delusional

  • Very nice honest guy and everything, but clearly not someone that even changes the oil on his lawn mower himself ...lol. He just didn't realize the extent of the things going on with it. He offered it to me for $1000, but I just said I didn't have the time to tear it apart and look for the issues and then deal with paint etc. He will probably find a buyer at $1000 at some point this spring/summer.

  • What are you going to do w your 65 when you find pops a 45?

  • Ride it when I'm down on the weekends I suppose.

  • Ryan I have its twin for sale with no puddles underneath it & no dents in the tank. See my ad in here.

  • I'm not finding it...where is it?