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I am hoping to go look at this tonight. I called the guy and he had someone coming to look at it, but they were not there yet. Sounds sketchy in my opinion given it's been listed off and on for 3+ weeks. I am expecting to find a issue like the several other people that have looked and for some reason didn't buy it. He said at this point he "would take 400 or whatever for it or just push it into he street to get it out of the garage". He has the title, but it's in his brothers name. Stolen??? would take balls to list it on craigslist, but ya never know.

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  • Dam im just down the road from forest lake wish it was on Craigslist so i could look at it

  • It was on craigslist for $500 on the 8th...just in Plymouth.

  • Oh someone bought it and is flippin it now?

  • Oh didn't see ya already said thag haha

  • Yep, I missed it by about 30 min. When I called he had a guy on the way.

  • He never picked up for me and i called the first day.

  • Yeah, it was an odd deal like I said before. It was listed a couple times and for some reason people would come, but never bought it till this guy.

  • I thought it was also strange the guy selling it now wouldn't get it running himself and sell it for more. It's just a few missing "nuts and bolts" afterall..lol. The ebay buyer may be in for a suprise and not much they can do about it given the way he listed it and disclosed. I know the title was not in the first sellers name so it's changed hands 2 times and the title hasn't been changed.

  • Haha jeez thats a cluster