Saw this guy on one of these rode up to him and said If you let me have ago I...


Saw this guy on one of these, rode up to him and said "If you let me have ago I'll let you rev this" He took me up on the offer! Thing is bloody hard to control! :L Had a good chat, he wants to take his CBT and we spoke about the importance of gloves while riding :)

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  • I have seen this too, it looks fun. You did exactly what I though. oter-Electric-Unicycle-Two-Wheels-Hover-Drift-Boar d/291564797065

    Seems funny, but you would look weird and you would get more weight like in Wall-E.

  • That a good price! :O He bought his for £280!

  • There are so many in my area did you see them on my video?

  • First one I've seen :)

  • How was it to ride always wanted to try one

  • Yes, but I would not go too cheap, and check how long last batteries.

    If the battery dies, you just fall anywhere. It could even be on a pedestrian crossing in front of a car. lol!!!

  • ok, that is the Murphy's law in action.

  • They are difficult Tudor :L

  • Richard

  • Lol