• Scott Hepburn shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    Hey guys, got my cameras up and running so did a short review of my MSX125/GROM hopefully will help a few of you out.

    Will be uploading content weekly, the cameras I use are;

    Helmet Cam - Drift Ghost S

    Onboard Cam - Drift Stealth 2

    Any likes/subscribes would be appreciated

    • Nice lil video bro get that baffle out ya big girl

    • Have to have one next week go dovestones or something

    • That the garmin vivoactive your rocking on your wrist ?

    • No it's the pebble smartwatch, really good for GPS whilst riding too

    • Ahh just looked like it, nice bike anyway! Looking at getting one myself

    • Cheers mate, and yeah join the grom club

    • I want to but I'd get one on finance, but I'm the type of person that wants to buy all the mods at once haha

    • I rode 10 miles on my stock exhaust

    • Nice video Scott

    • Thanks mate appreciate it