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I know many of you have had it done.. just for they guys girls that haven't checked

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  • No recalls for me, Happy Days

  • Whoop whoop

  • Mine is effected. I will have to take it to my shop, then they will run my vin again (I just did) then they will order the part, and once it comes in they said that it will take a few days... So it looks like ill be out a bike for a week... lame

  • Only takes an hour pal

  • Yeah, I wish that Honda would just send me the part... I asked my dealer if there was any other way to do it... :/

  • I know but if it doesn't work right it's not on you it will be Honda's fault so. Just take it in and go back at the end of the day and it will be waiting for you ;)

  • I have to drop mine off next week

  • Daniel J Armsworth They don't have the parts, I just talked to the tech. Apparently they need my bike to run the vin, then need to keep the bike till the parts arrive. So that while they order it, I don't sell the bike or destroy it or something, leaving them with parts lying around.

  • Jacob Peterson or just say your using it as your daily? :P

  • Daniel J Armsworth Did that. I am using it as my daily. Therefor, the bike will not get serviced till I am not using it as my daily... which might be a month.

  • Jacob Peterson I thought my honda dealer was shit lol

  • Daniel J Armsworth yeah... I'm also get like 75-85 mpg, and have a ticking that sounds like its turning into a knocking, and they say that there is nothing that that can really do about it. Valve clearance is good. Maybe I just need to ride it till it blows and get it warrantied, I think that I got a lemon

  • Jacob Peterson how Many miles are on your bike?

  • Daniel J Armsworth 1k

  • Anyone got a link ?

  • Jacob Peterson you shouldn't have any problems what so ever at 1k but usually if it sounds like a knocking sound it's usually bearings on your conrod but at one k I wouldn't think so have you done any mods to you bike

  • Daniel J Armsworth Nope... not even exhaust or intake :/

  • It's cool mines fine from its last one

  • Get a warranty job on that as soon as you can I say

  • Daniel J Armsworth Goes back to my daily driver problem :/ But I will say that I will take it in the winter when my truck gets out of the shop, and if worse comes to worst, I think that I have at least 11 months left on my warranty in case it grenades

  • Anyone know if the double light of petex for Honda Grom are omologated for Europe


  • Stupid question. Will Honda send me something if mine is one that's affected? I've never looked into it since I've never received anything from them or the dealership I purchased from.

  • if it is one in the recall, take it back to the honda registered dealership and it'll get replaced

  • Dylan Max Thompson read the comments (if you haven't already). You can ride my bike if yours is out of commission for a while.

  • No recalls for me